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Let that sink in your thoughts even just for a moment.

We all have issues. We all have imperfections. We’re all flawed. We all have mood swings, triggers, egos, unconscious motives and glitches in our systems that have been propagated throughout our lives. The childhood trauma, insecurities, egoic patterns, anxieties and fears buried deep within our subconscious. Pain skeletons of our parents and our grandparents and even our ancestors, confined belief systems and all other higgledy-piggledy shit that we came into this Universe to un-become. Some come with more baggage. Some come with less. But it doesn’t matter because we all have them.

The unpleasing old patterns don’t really go away, never to return forever. Sometimes they do. But they never come to stay forever either. The only difference is that as time passes, we grow in enough awareness to recognize these patterns and we create a space big enough to grip it so that we no longer respond in the unconscious ways that we did before.

I’m perfectly flawed. I have my own funky shits that I need to improve on. I’m not always grounded. I still get wobbly sometimes. I still have my insecurities, fears, worries, triggers, doubts that come up at certain times in certain scenarios. I have been serving and volleying ball with it all since I started recognizing them. I don’t always have my shit together. And that’s okay. Because I do my best to sit with it in awareness. And I can breathe easier knowing that.

We cannot ignore and neglect all the flawed, dark and sad parts. That’s not possible. That’s like hiding the dust under the rug, covering it up with any form of instant pleasure. It’s a temporary predicament but the root isn’t taken out. So it will breed right under, growing and seething until it fumes to surface.

Embracing your flaws doesn’t mean that you are invited to be the shittiest version of yourself and it is okay. It means that you’ve accept your faults and imperfections and you’re bringing it into a powerful space of acknowledgement. We do not need to make things okay instantly. Let your consciousness rise first. Allow all of it to just be with you. Be aware of it. Sit with it, let it have a cup of coffee. Once we’ve allowed it to pervade within, then we can do the mending and the healing.

But we have to love our ugliest parts first, with honor and compassion towards ourselves and others throughout the process. 💚