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I’ve been on a hiatus for quite a long time, the much needed break helped me discover the direct proportional relationship between happiness and freedom. I can say I’m now free of all the hangups and negative vibes I have mistakenly entertained in my life before. I feel so thrilled and fired up to be writing again. It’s been a while, WordPress.

During my hiatus I have realized a lot about myself and the way I express my thoughts, the way I value and share my time, and the way I live life. Being the writer that I am, choosing the right words, preparing for the right time, drinking the accurate drink are just some of the important notes that I always check on first to be able to create a meaningful composition. Tonight, under the biggest full moon of 2012, I know I am ready to write again.

It was during my 7-day self retreat that I have conceived vividly how liberating it is to scribble about how you feel and let the whole Universe sit there and read through the very core of your emotions. It’s so terrifyingly emancipating. I feel a fleeting happiness inside though, now that I am able to write again.

There are three things concerning freedoms I have pondered on and I’ll be starting a rather short photography series on the freedoms which are important to me. I will be writing about how I’ve made them a priority, what effects (either benefits or negative impacts) they have had on my life, and other assorted tidbits. I’ve recently brought into my senses that my concept of “freedom” has a much larger effect on my life than I had previously thought, and so I feel it’s important to write and compose a photography series about them.

The series of posts will be about:

Travel; and

I hope that you all will enjoy the posts over the next week or two. 😘