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Those who practice yoga know how important Pranayama (or art of breathing) is to our practice. And clinical studies do show that by breathing slower and deeper, it has a profound effect on reducing stress levels and ultimately, blood pressure.

I have recently found out about this iOS app, Breathing Zone, with a price of $2.99, incredibly cheap considering the benefits one could get from the app.

Here’s what Harvard Medical School’s newsletter says about the app: “When you find yourself under stress, Breathing Zone can help unruffle your feathers. This app employs the phone’s microphone to assess your breathing, then establishes a realistically reduced target rate.”

“You can choose an audio accompaniment and set the length of your relaxation session. You then breathe in and out in sync with an image that pulsates at a gradually slower pace.”

Do check this out and if you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, download it now.