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So I have been missing from the Lomography world for a while now. I am unsure what happened but something inside me went broke, something unseen, unheard and unknown silently left and analogue photography, film, cameras and Lomo was nothing more than a void.


Films gathered dust in forgotten parts of darkened drawers, my cameras once an arsenal that followed me every where stared blankly at me from their display case seemingly indifferent to their demotion to museum pieces. I turned to my Digital camera, shooting everything on that, gratifying myself with instant results, with control. It was free, it was easy, it was an affair. A brave new world of discovery. Playing with white balance and flirting with exposure rolling in the bed of photo-shop and discovering true control over an image, and it was glorious. It was the big love. The problem with big love, with any love is that at some point it changes. You realize that the little things you once found cute begin to annoy you, the charm goes stale, the one sided control creates an uneven relationship, that the bright shining brilliance of it all is, in fact, not so brilliant, bright or shiny. I felt Clinical. Sterile. Desaturated.


The more unnoticed I went the more I realized that I am not a digital native.


I didn’t belong. I took a moment to edit the images on the LCD screen, and I felt something. Ancient and brilliant, full of colour, of light. My analogue heart had not left. I had been shooting as if I were shooting with a Lomo camera, taking note of the details, shooting from the hip to capture something unseen, changing the white balance so the colours were slightly out, slightly x pro.


My analogue heart was beating again. (Man, I can be cheesy at times)