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Does anybody remember the first days of camera phones? We probably thought to ourselves “They would never beat a proper camera, what a gimmick!” Well indeed, the camera then was more of a gimmick than a tool. Who would have thought then that with the rapid improvement in mobile phone technology over the last 10 years, phone cameras are slowly turning into a worthy substitute of a compact. I remember Sony Ericsson releasing their modern classic W800i a few years ago. It became an instant hit as it was one of the first phone with decent MP3 and camera functionalities. Thus, it wasn’t surprising that the iPhone – with a built-in iPod and a brilliant camera in the latest version – has won over the masses.

Whilst it’s great that more people are getting into dSLR cameras and taking interest in photography techniques, sometimes we do forget the whole point of photography. So engrossed we are in achieving the perfect technique, getting the sharpest lens or the cleanest ISO performance that we have missed out many of the priceless moments of our lives.

Imo photography doesn’t have to be expensive. Nor should it be exclusive. With a modern phone, anybody is able to paint their own Mona Lisa. All it takes is being at the right moment and remembering to take your phone out. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s what in the picture that counts. And if you’re able to tell your story through it, even better!

This post is a collection of what I think are my best mobile shots. They’re not the sharpest. Nor are they framed perfectly.

Yet they are far more satisfying than some average D90 shots.