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Some beautiful images from Nikolinelr’s photostream. They evoke a lazy wintery cosiness that I am experiencing at the moment. I have a cold and would rather be wrapped in woolen blankets than working my ass off here in this rotten place where people with rotten souls live. Having a cold in winter feels horrible – especially when you live alone and there’s no one to take care of you, no one to snuggle with during lazy mornings and nights of fever and flu.
I wonder what it is that makes us identify with a particular season. I love the cusp of winter for the falling leaves and the promise of colder weather. I adore wrapping myself up in scarves, wearing mittens, dark days, hot drinks, comfort food, watching films with the family, and snuggles with my dogs. Perhaps it is my mixed European and Asian lineage, my pale skin that is prone to burning, my feet that swell immediately as the temperature rises, and my ambivalence towards the sweating people on a hot summer day that has made me a winter lover.