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One of my favourite scenes in Broken English is when a Parisian taxi driver says to Parker Posey “I hope you find happiness.” Because of her accent, she and her best friend (Drea de Matteo) think that he says “I hope you find a penis.” Ha! Although I am quite sure that for some people, happiness and penis are intimately connected.


I often go on about aesthetics when I post mini reviews of films I’ve just seen recently; however, in the case of Broken English, director Zoe Cassavetes hasn’t bothered with cinematographic trickery because, let’s be frank, she doesn’t need to. The simple and affecting narrative, which centers on 30 something lovelorn Nora (Posey) is perfectly acted and focuses on the difficulty of finding the right match. Considering the subject matter, I didn’t find this film to be a twee or angst-ridden, but an honest portrayal of modern relationships, the problems of long distance, and the lengths people are willing or unwilling to go in search of love. In short, I really liked it. And not just because it journeys to Paris. And for those of you who are hung up on imagery, I must say that the presence of Melvin Poupard is a rather alluring visual touch.


Any fans of this film out there?